a visualization of the Clock Effect

New Ideas for Teaching Relativity
New Ideas for Visualizing Relativity

Rob Salgado
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Rob's page of VPython applications for Teaching Physics

Rob's GeoGebra files

Visualizing Proper-Time along a worldline

Visualizing Spacetime Geometry (Spacetime Diagrams)

Visualizing Tensors and Differential Forms


Visualizing Spacetime Models and the Causal Structure (Light Cones)

presented at:
AAPT National Meetings
2016 MAA MathFest (Columbus OH, 2016)
2016 AAPT Summer Meeting (Sacramento CA, 2016)
Gordon Research Conference---Physics Research and Education: Relativity and Gravitation (Salve Regina (RI), 2016)
2016 AAPT Winter Meeting (New Orleans LA, 2016)
25th Midwest Relativity Meeting (Northwestern U, 2015)
2015 AAPT Summer Meeting (College Park MD, 2015)
General Relativity and Gravitation: A Centennial Perspective (Penn State U., June 2015)
24th Midwest Relativity Meeting (Oakland U (MI), 2014)
AAPT Topical Conference---Computational Physics for Upper Level Courses (Davidson College (NC), Summer 2007)
Gordon Research Conference---Visualization in Science and Education (Bryant University (RI), 2007)
AAPT Topical Conference---Teaching General Relativity to Undergraduates (Syracuse University (NY), Summer 2006)
Gordon Research Conference---Physics Research and Education: Electromagnetism (Mount Holyoke College (MA), 2006)
9th Midwest Geometry Conference (University of Missouri - Columbia (MO), 1999)